10 Minutes & 10x More Leads

Create customer experiences without requiring an experienced coder or graphic designer. Launch quizzes, polls and in-moment feedback within 10 minutes.

The easier your lead generation, the better

Beautiful on Both Mobile & Desktop

Use 50+ templates to create mobile and desktop friendly quizzes, polls and in-moment feedback. With these quizzes and polls, you have a great way to engage your user.

Engage, Convert, and Grow & Everywhere

Launch it anywhere – on social media, website, email.

Either WordPress website, Wix, Shopify, or a custom website. All our quizzes can be used for lead generation, audience segmentation or gather marketing insights.

Turn your website, social media accounts, & emails into a powerful lead generation machine

A Great Tool, I choose for my business

“I created a quiz that is attractive and fun for potential clients in my business. So I can collect their emails with their consent and then keep them engaged with email marketing. Collecting leads is essential for small business owners that are just starting. So Quizzes4Leads is helpful.”



Easy To Measure

Learn easily with our easy reporting. View analytics and reporting that will help you understand how your customers and audience interact with your quizzes and experiences.

Also, easier integration with Google Analytics – it never been so easy to get all your data flow in to GA!

A marketing software for digital agencies or non-technical marketers who want to quickly create customer experiences and measure them accurately.

Integrate & Automate your Lead Nurturing

Connect Quizzes4Leads to your favorite CRMs and marketing software through Zapier, or get our native integrations for Mailchimp, HubSpot, GetResponse, Active Campaign, and many others. Use these integrations to automate lead nurturing and win more deals easily.

Make Quiz SEO Friendly

SEO optimize your quiz, to get more visitors from search engines! Ability to add meta title, description for each Question.

Our SEO features will make sure that Google, Bing and Yahoo find your quiz and give it a place in the spotlight

Customize Quiz to Fit your Brand

Create beautiful quizzes with a custom design. Insert your brand colors and logo to represent your business. Add images and videos for a more engaging experience.

Customize the quiz to fit your brand. Put your company logo on the top of the quiz and make it your own.

More than just Quizzes: Feedback, Polls & much More

All in one solution for lead generation. Create interactive Quizzes, Polls and In-moment Feedback in seconds.

Amazing Platform for running Online Quizzes

“ I used Quizzes4Leads for running an IT-related quiz online. I really loved the easy-to-use user interface and its lead capturing and segmentation feature. It helped me in capturing leads from different social media channels and organizing them as well. The template customization was really easy.”

– Verified Reviewer


Subscription Plans

Plans that suits every business needs.


$0/ M

  • Up to 10 leads per month


$250/ M

  • Unlimited leads per month
  • → All Features included
  • → Unlimited questions
  • → Unlimited quizzes, polls and in-moment feedback

Why Quiz Marketing Works

are no longer effective. They used to be working a while ago, but their effectiveness has decreased over time.

Marketers need innovation that brings them closer to their audience in the most seamless way, and Quizzes make that happen.

Key Features for Quizzes & Polls

Features that make us unique and most useful for growth markers.

Easy to Create

Quiz builder making it easier and faster to launch your beautiful quiz in just 5 simple steps

Lead Capture Form

Lead capture form giving you power to know what you need about all your visitors

CRM Integration

CRM integration with all leading providers making it perfect for any platform and thus multiply your competitive edge

Customize to your Brand

Give your quiz a professional look by adding a background image of your choice at the start page

Embed & Share

Start driving traffic from multi channels by providing built-in social sharing option to your visitors or embed in your website landing pages

Provide Offers

Build engagement by providing your best marketing offers at the concluding page and start engaging right there

Image & Gifs Suported

Make your questions interactive by adding images to it. You can also add images to each answer as well

Cross Promotion

Promote your quiz among other quiz players based on your targeting parameters to drive new audience

Advanced Reporting

Advanced reporting providing further optimization opportunities to achieve great results

3 Easy Stepsto Start Quizzing

Features that make us unique and most useful for growth markers.

Quiz Marketing helps atEach Lead Stage

No matter if you are looking to get audience attention, engage better or closer to conversion, quizzes, polls and in-moment feedback are useful at any stage of the funnel.


You can easily capture information like email ids of interested audience.

Not only contact information, you can also offer relevant marketing magnets just on the right time for your leads.


You can easily capture information like email ids of interested audience.

Not only contact information, you can also offer relevant marketing magnets just on the right time for your leads.


Unlike old traditional ways which are pushy and intruding, Quizzes develops relationship through a more engaging and two-way process with Create interest based quiz to take your lead nurturing to new level.


Quizzes passes the benefits till the last stage of the sales process.

Closing a lead involves numerous factors, timing and relevancy being the most important. Quizzes has perfect solution to both these challenges, and thus increases the probability to close by 2x.

Industries that canAmplify Leads

Industries for which quizzes can be successfully used for










Quizzes can take your marketing strategy to a long way, and Quizzes4leads offers you one of the best platform to create lead quizzes. Our platform is created only and only for marketers with lead generation as the foremost objective. Hence, it caters special needs of a marketer like you from A/B Testing to Lead Magnets.

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