7 Tips For Writing Great Quizzes For Lead Generation

Finest digital marketers like you always welcome new ideas to capture more online leads, and one of your latest considerations may be Quizzes, you heard it correct quizzes for lead generation. Quizzes are more efficient than traditional e-books, case studies and brochures for lead generation. While there are many ready-to-use quiz builder softwares available in the market, Quizzes4Leads provides a forever free plan for small business owners.

Once you have identified a quiz maker software that suits your needs, following tips and best practices will help provide guidance in creating the most successful  quizzes for lead generation.

  1. Choose the Title of your Quiz  that Interests Your Audience

Though you are building a quiz with an objective to generate leads for your business,  you should not miss what your audiences might be looking for. A quiz that resonates well with your target audience can be three times more effective for lead generation compared to a quiz with poorly planned title.

Before finalizing  the topic or title of your quiz, carefully understand your target audiences and identify few of the questions they may need help on. The best practice is to frame your title into a question rather than a sentence. This will create a curiosity in  the audience to know about the outcome, and thus motivates your audience to start the quiz.

An example for a poorly framed title can be:

Poor Quiz Title: Ultimate Quiz for people if travelling is your dream!

In the example above, the title phrase is not inquisitive enough to grab audience interest and persuade him to move forward with the quiz. Following enhancement can make it more effective.

Good Quiz TitleHow well do you know the famous cities of the world as an avid traveller? 


Good Quiz Title: How good are you as a global traveller? 

Find a topic for your quiz that creates interest, catches attention and motivates your website audience to proceed!

       2. Make your First Screen Impactful 

First impression matters in your job interview, and in your quizzes too. The first screen lets the user decide if he wants to take the quiz or not. So try to make the whole experience very impactful through your quiz builder software. Use quizzes with background images to convey message more effectively.

3. Keep Quiz Length Ideal 

As you don’t put all your ingredients from the kitchen in one recipe, don’t overload your audience with too many questions in just one quiz. Number of questions as high as 20, 30 or 50 work well for an academic or psychometric assessment, but not for a marketing lead generation quiz.

The ideal length of a quiz  may vary from 5 to 12 questions.  Anything less than 5 is too small for the audience to build trust in the result, and anything longer than 15 questions may lose audience interest. Rather than creating one big quiz, try to create multiple close connected quizzes.

 4. Provide Your Audiences Real Insights 

Try making your quiz truly helpful for the audience by not only making the topic of quiz relevant but by providing some actionable insights based on their responses. Personality quizzes are best fit for this, you can create multiple personalities and assign one personality based on the audience’s  chosen responses.

More context and required details can be added under description for each personality. This will help the audience gain more accurate and deep understanding about themselves.

  5. Guide Your Audiences with Next Steps

A visitor landed on the website, noticed an interesting quiz, took the quiz and found some great insights through this. What next? Does the customer experience loop end here? No, it should not, rather here is an opportunity to provide some guidance with next action items and a perfect moment for you to share your expertise.

Next steps can be as simple as “Download ebook” or “Download brochure” or even “Schedule a demo”. This will also help you easily nurture your leads and move in the leads funnel.

    6. Keep Questions Short, Concise and Clear 

The effectiveness of your lead generation quiz is also determined by how well you frame your questions and answers. It is important that questions have only limited answers options, maximum upto 4. Rephrase your question if you need to provide more than 4 answer options.

As an example, you can either ask the following question, but the challenge here is possibilities of multiple answers correct based on each user.

Question: Which city you would like to visit again?

  1. Paris
  2. Rome
  3. Egypt
  4. New York

Consider rephrasing the above question as below, where it can have only possible answers for any audience.

Question: Which is your most favourite destination place?

  1. Paris
  2. Rome
  3. Egypt
  4. New York

    7. Make Quiz Interesting with Images 

Images are no brainer to grab attention and increase engagement of any digital assets, be it a social media post, blog, article or web pages. This applies for quizzes as well as audiences are more responsive towards visual first content.

Images convey a message better than any text can. Add images either to your questions or answers to enhance your audience experience.

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