Empower Your Sales Funnel Through Quizzes


Over the years, marketers have been discovering ways to innovate, automate and transform lead generation methodologies. “Quizz” is one such lead generation tactics which is highly engaging and equally effective.

Quizzes can either be built stand-alone or embedded on the website or Facebook page, and can also be integrated with any popular sales CRM or marketing automation platform to build an audience base which is more interested and better engaged, and thereby boost your conversion ratio.

Quizzes can be used for relevant audience segmentation and targeting purpose, and runs on multiple platforms – desktop and mobile. It also allows segmentation of email list based on personal preferences. Moreover, the businesses also have an option to nurture these audiences with suitable mid-funnel tactics and lead them towards conversion.

Quizzes aid in creating enhanced social engagement marketing strategies and initiates improved sales of any service, product or even niche. This tactic is intended to be used by website owners, business, and bloggers.


Why Include Quizzes?

The use of quizzes has existed since long, but the use of quiz as a powerful medium for lead generation has taken over recently due to the need of an interactive lead generation tactic. Other reasons for integrating quizzes in your lead generation strategy includes:

1.The quizzes are thought-provoking and engaging; also includes active involvement of the potential customer. Instead of asking for contact details in lieu of a regular ebook or a journal, the business can involve customer with compelling and enjoyable questions which will turn to be most appreciable.

2.The quizzes enable the business to provide quiz takers with quick, customized feedback and            suggest product and items based on the answers provided.


Quizzes Behavioral Flow


The quizzes enable interaction with customers on the three sequential and logical stages viz. the awareness phase, the consideration phase, and the decision stage. The awareness phase involves questions that help the customer to discover that they have a need that requires being resolved.

The second stage involves the consideration phase where the results of the quiz can educate the customer about any real needs and the potential value a customized solutions can add.

The third stage helps him decide to take those extra action by providing relevant lead magnets or a relevant sales CTA. Moreover, when the results are combined with an alluring offer it can lead to a possible purchase.


How Lead Generation Works through A Quiz Builder?

Quiz builder helps you create, and publish quiz from an easy-to-use interface compatible for both desktop and mobile.

There are various quizz builders available in the market catering to different needs of professionals from different industry like professors, lecturers, market research analysts, e-learning providers and business owners. Among all these, business owners have very different needs, and they need a platform which caters to all marketing and lead generation needs. One such recently launched quizz builder platform is Quizzes4Leads and the work it undertakes is intensive.

Let’s see what a typical quiz builder for marketer does:

1) The quiz tool is designed to connect and capture leads by means of interactive image and video quizzes, video quizzes and quiz established on demographics.

2) The quiz funnel holds easily manageable personalized lead capture forms, which gets displayed at the start or end of the quiz or during the assessment period.

3) The tool is made to easily collaborate with the designated email software; this enables businesses to create automated email drives, which deliver the relevant content to each lead captured.

4) The quiz funnel allows easy segmentation of the quiz takers based on their results and delivers them emails customized to the way they answered the quiz.

5) The tool indulges into a lot of product or service marketing, post the lead captured, receives the result of the quiz taken. The results are then combined with personalized offers to convert it into a possible sales opportunity.

6) The tool aids in driving new traffic by means of easy to create quizzes. Moreover, the quiz can also be easily embedded in the website or social media pages.

Undoubtedly, the quizzes are the new revolutionary platform that is leading to successful capturing of online customers. So next time, when you are trying to market your shoes or any product of your choice, you need to create four or five questions related to it. Like “What kind of shoes do you prefer leather or synthetic?”, “What color shoes are best suited for you”? and more. There will be options available for the user to answer. After the quiz has been answered, based on the score the user can be provided with the customized offer if they enter their email id. Thus, with the help of quizzes, a new lead can be created. Moreover, you can also title the quiz to seek more attention from visitors.

But, the creation of quiz is no simple deal, as it requires sound technical knowledge and coding. However, the launch of quiz builders has taken over the labor, as the tool allows you to design your very own customized quizzes and present them anywhere. Now you can include your personalized heading, description and details without any trouble. This will lead to improvement in your social traffic, better share rate and increased number of followers.

Moreover, the quiz builders have a responsive interface, which can work on all types of screens. The tool even allows uploading of video, which means that if you want your customers to know the results of the quiz through a video, then even that can be done on the results page. The use of analytics dashboard to determine the success of a quiz campaign is also done easily by means of the quiz builders. Even the marketing experts of the tool creators can assist you in managing and workings of your quiz campaigns.


The Perks of using quiz builders:

1) Aids in easy creation of personalized quizzes along with image based questions

2) Easily create quizzes which works well for both desktop and mobile

3) Readily playable with one click Facebook account or register with email id

4) Provides customized home page to provide a professional outlook

5) Pre built tools for A/B testing and audience segmentation

6) Allows the business to manage and make changes in quizzes based on their own preference

7) Email integration available with all leading providers

8) Google Analytics tracking available

9) Communicates relevant message to your visitors

10) Quickly boosts your conversion ratio

11) Form’s trust between the brand and the audience

12) Better pricing