Latest Website Design Trends To Make Your Next Website A Huge Success



Every website has an own unique approach to its UI and UX.  If UI (User Interface) is mostly about the look & feel, UX revolves around the overall usability – and together they both make a big impact on how audience feels about your website. They both blend as one to bring the ease and effectiveness to your website and deliver message in such a way that users can enjoy and absorb it. UI and UX are always evolving with the emergence of new styles and layouts almost every month, and in case you are in a process of creating a fresh website or having a major design overhaul of an existing one, here are some of the latest UI/UX trends for your inspirations.


1. Negative Space

Also known as whitespace, the term “negative space” is an area of the page that is occupied by nothing. It is the area intentionally left empty so users can easily focus on the otherwise “filled” space. A fine example of an effective utilization of negative space is seen on the homepage of Asana.

Designers are no longer shying away from leaving even the home page imageless, and the importance of a strong image on home page is slowly fading away.


2. Disappearance of Sliders

Sliders no longer remain a popular design because of various device sizes, internet speed and a non-seamless experience on mobile. Designers are having a preference to use one image over a multi-image slider on the home page.

The layout provides a method to still leverage the benefits of images in a single page without making everything seem overcrowded. Take a look at the page below from Salesforce.


3. Chatbots

While chatbot is no longer a new thing, it finally will become a prominent element in the world of website design. Thanks to development in AI and machine-learning technology, chatbots are going to be more customizable too. It allows the page to appear active and inviting. Here is a sample from Insomnobot3000.