Online Quiz Makers: The Best Choice for Your Lead Generation Software


Why should you consider an online quiz maker for your lead generation strategy? Let us count the ways.

First, online quiz software is very affordable. It’s one of the most effective lead generation tools you can ask for.

Audiences love taking online quizzes and sharing them with their friends on Facebook. None of these forwarded friends want to miss out on the fun.

Best of all, these quizzes can provide you with millions of invaluable subscription signups. Read this guide to learn how online quiz maker software can help you generate leads.


1. Quizzes Are Fun

If you ask your audience to fill out a market research survey or a signup form, it’s possible they’ll oblige as a favor to you. Perhaps there’s some incentive in it for them as well.

Still, it won’t exactly be a fun experience for them. It’s more like a chore.

However, as far as your audience is concerned, an online quiz is neither a favor nor a chore. It’s a fun activity they can share with their friends. That’s why over 200 million of these quizzes are taken every month.


2. Quizzes Are Trendy

Speaking of sharing, the viral nature of online quizzes is another reason why they’re great for lead generation. For instance, a quiz that tells you “what kind of dinosaur you are” or “what your elf name is” is good for a laugh among friends.

When one posts the results of their quiz on social media, all their friends want to try it for themselves. The quiz gets more and more shares and you keep getting signups. This explains how companies like Regal Unlimited have generated more than 500+ leads in one quarter simply by adding quizzes on their website.


3. Online Quiz Software Is Affordable

There are a lot of great lead generation tools out there, some of which are quite expensive. Many of the free lead generation tools that are available are not very effective.

That’s why online quiz software is the best of both worlds. That is, it’s both affordable and effective—a win-win.


4. They’re Easy to Create

The best online quiz is one that’s interesting and short. Creating one basically like creating a blog post, only easier. Specifically, it takes about half as many words to create a quiz as it does to create an entire article.

Plus, you don’t necessarily have to do any deep research to make a quiz that’s silly and fun. After all, it’s not like you can find an authoritative source on “which ice cream flavor you are.”


5. They’re Easy to Keep Fresh

Lastly, the research required for choosing a topic has already been done for you. Go to any search engine and look up “trending searches.”

There, you’ll find a fresh batch of hot topics that you can base your next lead generation quiz on. These trending topics are updated daily so you’ll never run out of hip, relevant quiz ideas.


Try Out The Best Online Quiz Maker Now

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